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II. Requirements Analysis

Our team members generated 5 need statements in order to solve Izzie's difficulties in award searching, and then brainstormed all big ideas.

Upper: Need statements (left) and prioritization grid (right).

Bottom: Generating some Big ideas in studio.

I sketched all these above to re-visualize our big ideas.

The team and I further rearranged all the big ideas and vote for the most feasible and impactful solution in the prioritization grid.

We have a tie between the idea clusters ‘Acorn-Based’ and ‘Profile-Based’ — it might be fruitful to combine these two idea clusters into one.

If we can collect basic info through ACORN, the number of questions that the students would need to fill out in the questionnaire would be significantly reduced.

This would also satisfy our needs statements.

Based on this new idea, my team and I then produced a new scenario map for Izzie.

Thus, the new experience for Izzie is like this:

To-be scenario


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