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III. Prototypes and Evaluations

4. Prototypes

My team and I sketched these low-fidelity prototypes to meet our 3 design goals (referred as "hills/hill statements" in the slides).

We used the lo-fi prototype and went to 4 representative users to get their feedback and evaluation of our Award Explorer. The participant I interviewed provided many feedbacks in terms of word choices, such as "shortlist."

Based on these feedbacks, we modified prototypes and created the Medium Fidelity Prototype for 2 different workflows:

1. Award Explorer Onboarding & Set-Up

2. Returning to Award Explorer
(onboarding completed)


Feel free to try this prototypes we created via the buttons below.

1. To find the highest value award you are eligible for and save the award for later.

2. To keep track of the deadlines you want to add them to your calendar.

3. To update the award profile since the GPA changed.


5. Evaluation & Next Steps

We went through another round of usability test—three participants took part in our usability test this time.

Then, we decided what the potential issues we could address in the following parts if we have more time for this project.

Lessons Learned

  1. Tell stories instead of showing everything we have produced in order.

  2. Be consistent with the subject ("you," "the user," or the persona) and tense while telling stories.

  3. Visualize the contents for the playback presentations.

  4. Pitch video — having one tagline would be better!

  5. Keep the usability tasks less granular.

  6. Be careful with the word choices in the design, e.g. shortlist.

  7. For group works, communication is the key.


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