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We, the Team awards, decided to focused on finding a design solution to understand how we might help UofT students find awards and scholarships best suited to them.

Team awards members are Anya Nandkeolyar, Arpana Khalkho, Francine Jiang, Ofunne Olele, and Samson Tran.

“How might we help University of Toronto students find awards and scholarships easily”.png
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By the end of 2021, we have redesigned a web-based award finding platform for UofT students — a customizable awards profile embedded in ACORN, the UofT’s existing student web services interface.

After filling a profile, students can receive a list of awards and scholarships that they are eligible for and they can save this list for future use.

We want this project could improve the award searching experience so that they can

  • Eliminate inapplicable awards without having to read any award descriptions;

  • Decide which awards to apply to in a single search session;

  • Track all awards and never miss a deadline.

Let's see this design in a 2-minute video:

How did we come from problems to solutions? 

We have followed IBM’s Activation Journey for this redesign project. 

Journey (1).png

I. User Research & Analysis

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